The programs and services we offer focus on brain injury prevention, education, and support.


Up to 90% of brain injuries are preventable.  The primary goal of our prevention programs and services is to reduce preventable brain injury.

With brain injury being the greatest killer and greatest cause of disability under the age of 44, we've made it a priority to focus on youth. 


The primary goal of our education programs and services is to increase understanding of the prevalence, nature, and impact of brain injury.    

We spread the word by partnering with professionals and our community to provide educational opportunities and information.


Incurring a brain injury can be a confusing and isolating experience for both the person with brain injury and those who love them.  The primary goal of our support programs and services is to improve the lives of those who have been affected by brain injury.

We provide direct service to persons with acquired brain injury, giving professional guidance and meaningful support.


"Brain injury is an issue that few people understand, yet it touches all of our lives.

Our mission is to bring this issue to the forefront, help people with a brain injury to recover and reach their full potential, and to help prevent future brain injuries."

  Mona Hennenfent
CEO, BrainTrust Canada