Life Skills Support

Helping You Find a Better Life.

Every brain injury is unique and impacts each person in a different way. We work  with you to develop an individualized care plan as part of our life skills support.

Using a case management approach, we help you identify and meet your post-injury needs and goals. We also help you access the resources you need to achieve the goals that have been set.

Here are several areas where we offer 1:1 Life Skills Support.

Eligibility:  You must be a BrainTrust client to receive Life Skills support. Read more here about becoming eligible for our services.

Life Skills Support Include:

Financial Aid

  • find funding to boost income or help with rent
  • fill out online applications and get required documents
  • apply for Disability Assistance 

Independent Living

  • re-learn how to do daily activities like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, or making a budget
  • learn how to use the bus system

Healthy Eating

  • get food hampers
  • find affordable sources of food


  • help spouses, family members, or caregivers adjust to the changes
  • teach you skills and strategies for solving conflicts with others
  • help you develop new friendships


  • find suitable volunteer placements
  • work alongside you during a volunteer shift
  • remind you to keep volunteer commitments 

1:1 Support for Youth

  • BrainTrust works with youth aged 12-24. 
  • quickly connecting youth with concussion/brain injury to the care and support they need 
  • intake at Foundry Kelowna - 1815 Kirschner Road


  • find a safe, affordable place to live that meets your needs
  • apply for subsidized housing

Emotional / Mental Health

  • take you through a Managing Your Emotions course
  • help you strengthen relationships with others
  • refer you to clinical counselling, if needed

Legal / Justice

  • help you complete applications for Legal Aid
  • remind you to keep legal appointments (i.e. parole officer/lawyer/court)
  • attend court with you if needed  


  • make referrals to drug and alcohol treatment centres and detox programs
  • help get funding to pay for treatment
  • teach you the increased risks associated with substance use after brain injury


  • communicate on your behalf with WorkBC
  • help you write and distribute your resume, and prepare for interviews
  • offer you supported employment - working alongside you on the job


  • help you make healthcare appointments 
  • go to appointments with you
  • help you understand and remember medical information 

Social Integration

  • introduce you to community-based opportunities for recreation, volunteerism, or employment 
  • place you in group programs that are a good fit for you

ABI & Crime Prevention

  • 1:1 support for individuals involved in the criminal justice system with brain injury before and after release from prison
  • re-integrate individuals to become members of the community and society
  • help stabilize families of those involved in the criminal justice system


  • help complete applications for admission 
  • help you apply for grants / scholarships / bursaries or other sources of funding

Caregiver Support

  • understand brain injury and how you can help the individual recover
  • adjust to the changes in your roles and relationship
  • manage overwhelming emotions

We offer support and advocacy for persons with brain injury in contact with the justice system. 

Learn more about our Crime Prevention & Reduction Program here

We also offer Clinical Counselling

by counsellors with specialized training in brain injury.