Life Skills Support

Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential

Every Brain Injury is Unique

We match you with your own personal facilitator to help you identify, set, and meet your post-injury goals. We also help you access the resources you need to achieve the goals you’ve set.

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Here are several areas where we offer individual Life Skills Support:

Independent Living

We’ll support you in maximising your independence in daily activities like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, making a budget, and more!

Mental Wellness

We can help you express and manage your emotions, navigate and strengthen emotional relationships with others, and connect you with our clinical counsellors.

Financial Management

We can help you find funding to help with rent and other bills, fill out online applications, get required documents, and apply for Disability Assistance. *Note: We do not offer financial aid


We can teach you skills and strategies for solving conflicts with others and help you develop new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

Medical Coordination

We can help you make and remember healthcare appointments, go to appointments with you, help you understand and remember medical information, and help you order and pick up prescriptions.

Social Integration

We can introduce you to community-based opportunities for recreation, volunteerism, or employment and match you with group programs that are a good fit for you.

Access to Nutrition

We can help find affordable sources of food and pick up food hampers.


We can connect you with WorkBC, help you write and distribute your resume, and help you prepare for interviews.


We can help you find suitable volunteer placements and remind you to keep volunteer commitments.


We can make referrals to substance use treatment centres and detox programs, assist you in accessing treatment facilities, and teach you how substance use affects your brain after injury.

Legal / Justice

We can help you complete applications for Legal Aid, remind you to keep legal appointments, and attend court with you if needed.

Brain Injury Education

We can help you form a greater understanding of acquired brain injury, including an overview of how the brain works, personal changes that happen after brain injury, and expected outcomes.

Funded Services

Eligibility Criteria

Please review our eligibility critieria:

Proof of acquired brain injury

To provide you with appropriate care, we require proof of an acquired brain injury confirmed by a physician and through medical or rehabilitation documentation.

We accept the following kinds of documentation: 

Medical proof of acquired brain injury from a:

  • CT scan
  • MRI report
  • Neurologist report
  • Physiatrist report

Other medical or rehabilitation documentation that clearly indicates acquired brain injury, such as:

  • Hospital records
  • Medical, rehabilitation, or hospital discharge reports
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Psychiatric report with DSM V diagnosis of acquired brain injury

We understand that getting proper documentation can be tough. Contact Us anytime if you’re having trouble getting the documentation you need – we’re here to help!


Our Life Skills Support services are available to those ages 18 and over.


You must be currently living in the North/Central Okanagan, BC (from Armstrong to Peachland).

If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements listed above, Contact Us for more options or take a look at our Paid Services model to see if it’s right for you.