Group Programs

Our Group Programs form a community of individuals recovering from and supporting one another through brain injury. Participating in group programs can help you develop communication and socialisation skills, express yourself in alternative formats, and develop greater self-awareness by connecting with others on a similar path.

And – they’re fun!

Programs are offered year-round based on availability, interest, and need. Contact Us to learn more.

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A Bridge to Your Community

Healing Art

Suitable for clients who enjoy being creative and are looking for a way to express themselves in a visual way. Art therapy provides therapeutic benefits for cognitive abilities by stimulating dopamine release within the brain. This group will provide the opportunity to connect with other individuals on a similar path and practice free flow art in a safe space.

Return to Balance

Suitable for clients who are still coming to terms with the outcome of their brain injury. Grief post injury can be extremely difficult to navigate independently. This groups provides education and guidance around how to cope with this grief with an opportunity to learn from others also on this journey. This group is based on balancing five pillars of wellness – the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Anxiety and Depression

Suitable for clients that live with anxiety and/or depression and are seeking change. Clients will learn to identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and challenge them to develop new, healthier ways of thinking. Clients will also have the opportunity to share openly about their personal experiences with anxiety and depression.

Anger Management

Suitable for clients who would like to learn to better understand and manage their feelings of anger, hostility, bitterness or aggression. Clients will learn to identify their triggers and set achievable goals for themselves that aim to reduce feelings of anger and increase feelings of calmness.

Cognitive and Social Enhancement (CASE)

Suitable for clients at any stage in recovery following a brain injury. The focus of the group is on cognitive rehabilitation, participating in activities which stimulate the brain and enhance one’s cognitive abilities. The structure of the group includes engaging in cognitive activities in a fun and social atmosphere. This group will help to improve compensatory strategies through education and group sharing.

Substance Use & Brain Injury

Suitable for individuals who are looking to understand the impacts of substance use on those living with brain injury and learn strategies to reduce or avoid substance use.

Healthy Relationships

Suitable for clients who are looking to strengthen their communication and relationship skills in order to experience better outcomes in one’s partnerships, friendships, family life, and dating endeavors. Topics covered include: Navigating Relationship Changes After Brain Injury; Conflict Resolution; Setting Boundaries; Expressing & Receiving Love; Establishing Closeness & Intimacy; Becoming a Better Partner, Parent, and Friend; Dating 101

Peer Support

Suitable for clients who are looking to open up about their personal experience of having a brain injury in a safe and open environment. The Peer Support Group is an opportunity to meet with other individuals with brain injury to discuss new research and share experiences that are related to both brain injury and the community.

Communication Group

Suitable for clients who struggle with their day-to-day communication. This group offers clients a safe environment to learn, practice, and use strategies to work towards more effective and efficient communication. Some common communication disorders which are caused by ABI are aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, and cognitive communication disorder.

Caregiver Support

Suitable for those looking to create a peer support network for caregivers/family members/friends of individuals with brain injury. We recognize that the use of ‘natural supports’ such as family, friends, and peers is one of the most valuable ways for our clients to be assisted in living as independently as possible. The Caregiver Support Group is geared toward preventing burnout of these essential support people.

Walking Group

Suitable for clients who are looking to socialize with others while mindfully walking indoors. For individuals of all abilities.

Funded Services

Eligibility Criteria

Please review our eligibility criteria:

Proof of acquired brain injury

To provide you with appropriate care, we require proof of an acquired brain injury confirmed by a physician and through medical or rehabilitation documentation.

We accept the following kinds of documentation: 

Medical proof of acquired brain injury from a:

  • CT scan
  • MRI report
  • Neurologist report
  • Physiatrist report

Other medical or rehabilitation documentation that clearly indicates acquired brain injury, such as:

  • Hospital records
  • Medical, rehabilitation, or hospital discharge reports
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Psychiatric report with DSM V diagnosis of acquired brain injury

We understand that getting proper documentation can be tough. Contact Us anytime if you’re having trouble getting the documentation you need – we’re here to help!


You must be 16 or older to participate in our group programs. If you do not meet the age requirement, we offer a Youth Group for those ages 13 – 25.


You must be currently living in Central Okanagan, BC (from Armstrong to Peachland).Note: If you are outside this area, our Paid Services are offered remotely and are open to anyone living in Canada & the U.S.

If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements listed above, Contact Us for more options or take a look at our Paid Services model to see if it’s right for you.