How Your Donation Helps Improve Lives

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As a non-profit, we depend on the support of donors to achieve our mission. Your generous donation can improve the quality of life for someone impacted by a brain injury.

Learn more about some of the individuals we support:

When you Give

You’re Investing In


Providing help at the right time for individuals with brain injury who are often overlooked


Creating hope by ensuring that those affected by brain injury feel understood, socially connected, and optimistic about their future


Strengthening and supporting families who need help understanding and managing the changes in their loved one’s mental wellness


Preventing brain injuries, so we can safeguard the future of our youth

Social Responsibility

Shaping a socially responsible society by helping others understand how they can be more inclusive and supportive of others with brain injury

The Future

Building a stronger tomorrow – because fewer brain injuries means increased social and economic livelihood for all of us!