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Field education provides students with supervised opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. BrainTrust is a proud supporter of field education programs that align with our mission.

Human Services Work Diploma (HSW)

Graduates of the two-year Human Service Work Diploma prepare for employment in social services by integrating their learning into a functional practice framework. Students apply this practice framework through an on-site practicum to develop empowering, purposeful relationships that promote increased levels of health and well-being in individuals, families, and groups.

Students complete an eight-week practicum in each year of the diploma program. These practica occur from mid-April to mid-June, and require students to attend their placements for approximately 30 hours per week.

Practicum opportunities can include community-based support services for people with brain injuries. For several years, BrainTrust has welcomed HSW students who want to learn on the job in an environment that is friendly, compassionate, and dedicated to facilitating your growth as a professional in the social services sector.

Reach out to learn more about completing your practicum with us.

Please note that our office is based in Kelowna – as such, we can only accept HSW students who are enrolled in the program in Kelowna.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

As a requirement of the program, MSW students are expected to complete 450 hours in a field education practicum per year of study. Students are assigned to community-based agencies with a focus on learning goals, ethical practice, and demonstrating social work competencies in the process of developing a professional identity.

BrainTrust has been a field education site for several years, and we are happy to work with you to facilitate your growth as a professional in the social services sector in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Reach out to learn more about completing your practicum with us.

Teacher Candidates

Every year, we support UBCO Bachelor of Education students who are looking for a placement for their Community Field Experience (CFE) Program. 

Teacher candidates typically help facilitate BrainTrust’s Skullwise Program, an educational program that aims to reduce preventable brain injury in youth. 

Some responsibilities that the candidates undertake include: 

  • Expanding and adapting the existing program and toolkit for new age groups
  • Coordinating delivery of the program to Central Okanagan primary and secondary schools
  • Holding contests to increase student engagement
  • Revising existing measurement tools to gauge program effectiveness with new age groups 

Reach out to learn more about completing your placement with us.

Mitacs Accelerate

The Mitacs Accelerate program supports research internships for graduate students with community organizations, like BrainTrust. We are open to community-research partnerships that align with our values and put the needs of our clients first.

If you are interested in collaborating with BrainTrust, please reach out.

Other Educational Programs

Don’t see your program here? Please reach out! If your program aligns with our values, we’d be happy to work with you to develop an opportunity that meets your needs.

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