The Brain Injury and Substance use Education for Youth (BISEY) program was created to reduce preventable substance use-related brain injuries in our community. Substances impact your brain, your body, and your thinking. There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of harm while using substances.

Safe Use = Safe Brain

A Brain Injury Can Happen to Anyone

You Can Control Your Risk

Our Resources

We have a variety of resources for your learning. Keep an eye on this page as we are frequently adding additional resources.

Safe Use Poster
Harm Reduction Overview
Brain Injury Impacts Overview
Alcohol Checklist
Blood Alcohol Concentration Impacts Chart
Cannabis Checklist
Opioids Checklist
Factsheet: Overdose and Anoxic Brain Injury
Overdose Response Brochure
Cocaine Checklist

External Resources

Check out the collection of resources below for more information on substance use and the brain.

You and Substance Use
Learn About Alcohol
Learn About Cannabis
Canada’s Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines
The Blunt Truth: Useful Tips About Safer Ways to Use Cannabis
Learn About Opioids
Prescriptions Opioids: What You and Your Friends Need to Know
Learn About Cocaine
Concussion Awareness, Response, and Management Pathway
Concussion Return to Activity Guideline
Concussion Return to School Guideline
Concussion Return to Work Guideline



What is BISEY?

Brain Injury and Substance use Education for Youth (BISEY) is an interactive, community-based education program for youth and young adults in the North/Central Okanagan.


1. BISEY is accessible

We deliver BISEY in the community in places where youth are already spending their time. We use the principle of context-dependent memory to facilitate learning: By learning about substance use in the community, youth are more likely to remember what they learned later in the same environment.

2. BISEY is engaging

This isn’t your parent’s substance use education program. With nearly 40 years of experience in the brain injury field, our activities and education are backed by neuroscience and simulate cognitive and physical impairments of substance use. And we’re not just telling you: Youth get the opportunity to evaluate the effects firsthand by trying on a pair of our alcohol or cannabis simulation goggles.

3. BISEY is welcoming

Our program is developed and delivered by and for youth. We create an inclusive, non-judgmental environment for youth to evaluate information and ask questions.

How can I participate?

Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on BISEY resources and upcoming events.


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