For the protection of our elderly clients and clients with complex health issues, all group programs are cancelled until further notice.  

Group Programs

Information. Strategies. Connection With Others.

Recovery after concussion/brain injury can be lonely and confusing. To support you, we offer a variety of group programs in both Kelowna and Vernon. Programs are offered based on availability, need, and interest.

Eligibility: You must be a BrainTrust client to participate in our group programs. Read more here about becoming eligible for our services.

Our Brain Injury 101 presentation is a group program that takes place in the BrainTrust office.

Brain Injury 101

This is an information session. If you or a loved one has a recently diagnosed brain injury, this is the place to start at BrainTrust. You'll learn about:

  • the effects of brain injury
  • strategies for managing post-injury life
  • how BrainTrust can help
This educational group program helps you manage concussion symptoms that have become chronic.

Persistent Concussion

This six-week education program is for those still suffering from concussion symptoms 3 months or more post-injury.

  • guest speakers (e.g. optometrist, vestibular specialist, hearing specialist)
  • common issues people face with persistent concussion
  • how to manage ongoing symptoms
This group programs provides carefully prescribed amounts of aerobic exercise to support brain injury recovery.

Aerobic Exercise

There are many benefits to engaging in appropriate aerobic exercise after brain injury. Research has indicated that people report fewer cognitive, physical, and emotional issues. They also tend to feel healthier and more engaged in life.

  • runs 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes
  • individual exercise plans are tracked
  • must have a physician's consent

Some recent research used to help safely form the parameters of our program including exercise duration, frequency, type, and intensity can be found here.

In this group program you learn with others how to find harmony and balance in post-injury life.

Return to Balance

This group is for you if you are having difficulty accepting your brain injury. Learn to balance the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. Concepts covered include:

  • redefining self after brain injury
  • adjusting to the 'new you'
  • tools and coaching for optimal living
  • relationship strategies
BrainTrust clients benefit from the yoga group program classes held on-site.

Gentle Yoga

Take part in a gentle, restorative yoga practice.

  • no previous experience necessary
  • movements adapted to meet post-injury needs
  • class takes place in a large quiet space at the BrainTrust office
  • yoga mats available; small class size
  • improve flexibility and balance, quiet the mind, enhance mood
BrainTrust clients explore their creative side in our popular Healing Art group program.

Healing Art

Explore and express yourself through art. Participants experiment with a variety of art forms and materials. You will also keep a collection of your work in a mixed media art journal

  • no previous art experience necessary
  • a unique way to relieve stress
  • unleash the creative, intuitive side of your brain
Learning mindfulness techniques helps individuals with brain injury manage post-injury life.


A consistent mindfulness practice can increase self-awareness, social skills, and memory. It can also decrease anxiety and worry.

  • how and why to apply mindfulness in daily life
  • explore calming visualization techniques
  • mix of silent and guided meditation
We teach clients about the increased risks associated with using substances after brain injury.

Substance Use and Brain Injury (SUBI)

Treatment alternative for clients with cognitive deficits; delivered at a slower pace with repetition as needed.

  • 8-week program
  • education and treatment information on substance use after brain injury
  • goal-setting for recovery
  • tools for self-care
  • signs and strategies for managing a 'slip'
Many people with brain injury must learn how to cook again.


Learn/re-learn how to prepare simple, healthy meals that follow the Canada Food Guide. 

  • healthy and inexpensive menu planning
  • making nutritious choice
  • shopping tips and budgeting
  • safe food preparation
Music provides a unique way to relieve stress after brain injury.

Brain Jam

Anyone with an interest in music is welcome to attend - no musical experience necessary.

  • playing instruments, singing, songwriting
  • sharing enjoyment in music with others
  • fun way to relieve stress and uplift mood
BrainTrust offers opportunities to participate in community-based activities with other individuals with brain injury.

Leisure Club

Social outings in the community accompanied by a BrainTrust Community Support Facilitator. Examples include:

  • movies
  • bowling
  • hiking
  • attending a community based cultural event
BrainTrust clients find support and understanding when sharing their experiences with one another.
Kelowna and Vernon

Peer Support

Discuss and share experiences with others with acquired brain injury. 

  • receive resources and information for coping with post-injury life
  • examine and share new research in neurology
  • lead a session for other group members on a topic of shared interest
Practise a variety of cognitive skills in a group setting.
Kelowna and Vernon

Cognitive Enhancement

Work on cognitive skills in a group setting. 

  • discuss community events and news
  • participate in games that challenge attention, memory, and concentration
  • suitable at any stage of recovery 
Walking in a group offers safety, socialization, and physical exercise - all of which benefit those with brain injury.

Walking Group

Walking can help improve brain function as well as general health, balance, and coordination.

  • meets weekly at Polson Park 
  • connect the with great outdoors
  • build relationships with others on a similar path
  • relieve stress; uplift mood

We also offer Life Skills Support

in many areas that assist with post-injury life.