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Our Team: Board of Directors


Angela Price-Stephens

ANGELA PRICE-STEPHENS, Lawyer, Pushor Mitchell LLP

As a litigator, Angela has dealt with personal injury for 25 years. She is very familiar with the effects of brain injury on the injured individual, as well as family, social, and work relationships. Angela has also sustained a series of concussions from sporting activities. This has given her firsthand experience with the cumulative effect of concussions. She knows well the behavioural and emotional changes that can occur post-injury. Angela emigrated from the UK in 2006. She is married and has two wonderful, adult daughters with whom she remains very close. She enjoys dancing salsa and swing, and playing golf (which she claims to do badly, but with lots of laughs).   

Dan Shea

DANIEL SHEA, Lawyer, FH&P Lawyers
Previous President

Dan feels called to help BrainTrust fulfill its mission. "Our clients have compelling needs and amazing stories," he says. He points to a classically trained trumpet player he knew who sustained a brain injury. A near-fatal aneurysm resulted in the loss of language, memory, and the ability to play the trumpet. A practicing lawyer, Dan has both legal expertise and experience with clients with brain injury. Residents of Kelowna since 2008, he and his wife eat, live, and breathe music. Dan is an amateur guitar player, and she is an orchestra conductor. Together they share two musical children. A self-described, former aspiring philosopher, Dan is also an avid mountain biker.

Laurie Lundman

Vice President

Laurie brings both personal and professional experience in the field of brain injury to our board of directors. While playing high school football Laurie sustained his own first concussion. More concussions followed in other contact sports. During his 25-year tenure as an RCMP officer, Laurie “witnessed healthy individuals, in a second, become lifelong victims of brain injury.” This led him to developing the first free bicycle helmet safety program in Surrey, and to later serving on our BoardUpon retirement from the RCMP Laurie joined the City of Kelowna Bylaw Services as a business license inspector. He is now fully retired and can't stop smiling.

Brad Hall

BRAD HALL, Senior Manager, Grant Thornton LLP

Brad is a chartered professional accountant. He brings both financial and business expertise to his role as treasurer.  He is also a Chartered Business Valuator and serves as Director in the Transactions Group at Grant Thornton LLP, Kelowna. Brad is happy to be part of the great team here at BrainTrust. Originally from Ontario, Brad moved to Kelowna for the Okanagan lifestyle and access to all that our beautiful province has to offer.

Keith Bradley

KEITH BRADLEY, Customer Service Rep., Interior Beverage Services

Keith is a founding member of BrainTrust who has shown long-term dedication and commitment to our organization Behind his friendly smile and quiet demeanor is deep personal understanding about the impact of brain injury. In 1988, he and his wife were in a car accident that left them both with brain injuries. Despite their best efforts to cope with post-injury changes, Keith and his wife ended their marriage six years later. We are grateful that Keith continues to support our cause. He works full-time at Interior Beverages, and is the proud father of two adult children, Matthew and Hilary. Keith is also a grandfather of seven. 


Cyrus Ameli

CYRUS AMELI, Business Management Professional

Cyrus was drawn to BrainTrust by the chance to make a difference in the lives of an under-represented and under-served community.  He is a business management professional with an MBA degree and more than twenty years of experience. Cyrus has founded, managed, and served on the boards of directors of several companies and non-profit organizations during his career. He has consulted in areas of organizational development including strategy, finance, communications, marketing, and governance. While Cyrus and his family live in the Vancouver area, they have close links to the Okanagan region and spend a lot of time here enjoying the skiing, the lake, the wine and all it has to offer.

Matt Canzer

MATTHEW CANZER, Lawyer, Pushor Mitchell LLP

Matt is proud to continue Pushor Mitchell's long-standing support of BrainTrust. With a background in personal injury, tax, and administrative law, he brings a wide range of legal expertise to his role. Matt has represented many clients who sustained a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident or through assault. He knows the positive impact that the right support can have on their quality of life.  Originally from Montreal, Matt relocated to Kelowna for the sunshine and wine. When not at the office, Matt talks about Crossfit and nothing else.

Matt Petrie

DR. MATT PETRIE, Physician, Interior Health Authority

Matt believes BrainTrust fills a gap in the care of those in our community with brain injury. As an emergency physician he has experience with the assessment, diagnosis, and management of brain injury. He also sees the outcomes and effects of the full brain injury spectrum. Having also sustained multiple concussions of his own, Matt brings a well-rounded perspective to our Board. Originally from Ontario, Matt enjoys mountain biking, skiing, water sports, and local food and wine.

Erin Webber

ERIN WEBBER, Occupational Therapist, CBI and Progressive Rehab

Erin brings both personal and professional perspectives to our Board. After losing her mother to brain trauma sustained in a pedestrian-car accident, Erin became passionate about finding ways to eliminate preventable death and disability through a holistic, evidence-based approach. She is also an occupational therapist who focuses on the assessment and treatment of acquired brain injuries in rehabilitation and medical-legal contexts. Originally from the Lower Mainland, Erin lived and worked across the country before setting her sights on Kelowna as the ideal place to raise her young family and enjoy all the activities the Okanagan has to offer.

BrainTrust Staff


Mia Burgess

Chief Executive Officer

Mia joined BrainTrust as the Director of Programs in 2019 and worked for a short time as Co-CEO before being promoted to CEO. Mia is dedicated to building a strong, healthy, and inclusive community for everyone. She is passionate about leading the BrainTrust team to deliver exceptional services and programs that support BrainTrust's clients to thrive as valued members of our community. Mia has worked in the non-profit sector for over 10 years and is experienced in leadership, system change, community development, advocacy, program development, and delivery. She is BrainTrust's 'connector', having developed collaborative networks and partnerships on many levels.

Kathy Chambers

Office and HR Manager

It's often Kathy's warm smile that will greet you when you enter the doors of BrainTrust. With a background in sales, she is a people person and that suits us fine. Kathy serves as administrative assistant, human resources manager, and 'Jill-of-all-trades'. Somehow, she does it all smoothly and efficiently. Kathy is happy being part of a team that helps others and gives back to the community. She and her husband, Bob, moved to Kelowna in 2015. They've made a life here that includes time for hiking, gardening, and floating on the lake on hot summer afternoons, and of course, playing with their dog, Skyler.

Carly Suddard

Marketing and Prevention Manager

Carly started as a summer student at BrainTrust in 2018. We soon decided she was such a great catch we couldn't let her go. With her passion for helping others succeed, she fit right in. Her superpower is an amazing eye for detail. This comes in handy when she's developing new fundraising initiatives, helping execute marketing strategies and plans, and coordinating BrainTrust events. Carly also helps with administrative tasks and manages our social media. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Honours with a specialty in Finance. Like we said, she's all about the details. Carly originally hails from Canmore, Alberta, and loves Okanagan summers, camping, and volunteering.

Lori Hamilton


A chartered professional accountant, Lori provides financial oversight to several nonprofit organizations.  She enjoys supporting those who are ‘doing good’ in the world. This financial guru understands the nonprofit world well. She frees us up to follow our mission, making sure we're following money rules and regulations, and spending wisely. Lori grew up in a lighthouse station on Vancouver Island and was home-schooled until age 14. This no doubt contributes to her ability to work so well independently. She and her husband, Tim, have four adult children and three dogs. They live in Lake Country and enjoy camping, boating, and the occasional wine tour.

Client Support

Amanda McFarlane

Client Services Manager

Amanda combines her deep fascination with the brain and her passion for helping in her work at BrainTrust. Joining the team in 2011, she has developed a strong understanding of the needs and approaches that work for people with brain injury. She is responsible for successful community rehabilitation management for clients with an acquired brain injury overseeing several of BrainTrust's major programs, including our Crime Prevention and Reduction Program, as well as our Group Programs. Amanda is a mother to Caidence and Cohen. She says her children are the driving force behind her will to thrive in her career. On their down time you might find them somewhere in nature, surrounded by friends and family.

Yvonne Kaiser

Crime Prevention Coordinator

Yvonne comes to BrainTrust with an educational background in Justice studies. Shifting careers in 2018, Yvonne has been focused on providing supports, in custody and community, to individuals involved in the criminal justice system through Native Counselling Services of Alberta and John Howard Society. She currently provides support to individuals with brain injury who are involved in the criminal justice system as part of BrainTrust’s Crime Reduction & Prevention program. Yvonne provides a safe and judgement-free space when working with clients. She currently enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, exploring the Okanagan, and is also an avid reader.

Team: Chloe Matthews

Community Support Facilitator

With a B.Sc. in Behavioural Neuroscience, Chloe is well-equipped for work in the field of brain injury. She came to BrainTrust for the opportunity to help others live fulfilling lives. Chloe likes our person-centered approach, helping clients do things that are important and meaningful to them. Originally from Mission, she is an outdoor enthusiast. Chloe enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, and snowboarding.

Team: Julia Hunter

Case Manager - Interior Health Contract

Julia is a registered nurse who worked in the Neuroscience and Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver General Hospital for 6 years. Her interest in understanding various demographics and organizations led her to an opportunity where she managed a home care program working in Fox Lake, Cree Nation. Julia is a certified health coach in functional medicine and currently completing her Masters in Management at UBC Okanagan. Julia is excited to combine her clinical background and entrepreneurial spirit to support Braintrust's Mission to serve our community.

Dana Sarris

Community Support Coordinator

Dana has provided a strong presence at BrainTrust since 1999. He leads and coordinates services for individuals with brain injury, their families, and relevant professionals. He also maintains an active client caseload. Dana has particular expertise in finding housing for clients and helping those with substance use issues. Dana makes time for fun in his life, too. Golfing, fishing, and watching hockey and NFL are top of the list. Residents of Kelowna since 1991, Dana and his wife, Helen, have three adult children.

Team: Emily Miller

Community Support Facilitator

Emily recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences from Quest University and in addition to her formal education, she comes to BrainTrust with a lot of skills and experience. She is a certified personal trainer and uses this knowledge of physical, mental, and emotional health to provide support for our clients. Emily was inspired to work at BrainTrust because she has personal insight into the frustrations that brain injuries cause. Emily was in a serious car accident where she sustained a skull fracture and a concussion, and feels very fortunate to have made a full recovery. She hopes that her personal experience will help her to understand how to help others in their recovery. In her free time, Emily enjoys playing soccer, skiing, and spending time with friends and family.

Triana Ketler

Community Support Facilitator

Triana started at BrainTrust as a practicum student while completing her Administrative Assistant Certificate at Okanagan College. She came back to BrainTrust as a volunteer before beginning her position as Community Support Facilitator. Along with being a Certified Administrative Assistant, Triana is a Certified Health Care Assistant and carries her education and passion for working with clients into her work at BrainTrust. Working one-to-one with clients and ensuring they feel seen and heard is a very important part of what Triana brings to her role here. Outside of work Triana enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Team: Christine Atkins

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic Manager

Christine brings significant experience to her role. With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, she is also a certified athletic therapist. She has additional training and experience in concussion management. Christine has completed numerous initial assessments for sports concussion patients. She has also worked with physicians to determine best management and follow-up practices. Those who connect with Christine in our Youth Concussion Clinic are in good hands.

Laura Plummer

NeuroRecovery Centre Coordinator

Laura has been with BrainTrust for 5 years supporting individuals with acquired brain injuries from all walks of life. Laura holds two Diplomas in Associates of Arts and Human Service Work.  In her time at BrainTrust, she has worked as a Community Support Coordinator in Vernon and managed BrainTrust’s partnership with Foundry supporting youth with ABI. She currently coordinates and leads services for our NeuroRecovery Centre, working one on one with clients to support long term cognitive change with the therapeutic use of neuroplasticity so they can return to life and work. Laura enjoys spending time in nature as much as possible by camping, kayaking, or sailing.

Michelle B BW


Occupational Therapist

Michelle has worked as an occupational therapist for twenty years. For the last ten years she has specialized in community rehabilitation, functional assessments, and return to productivity/work for clients with physical and cognitive difficulties. She brings these skills and experience to her role in our NeuroRecovery Centre. Michelle assists clients in identifying their goals for the program and provides general program oversight. She also helps develop individualized transition plans for clients upon completion of the program. Michelle, her husband, and young son spend their free time discovering all the Okanagan has to offer and touring local lakes on their boat.

Jen T Head Shot


Occupational Therapist

Jen Taubensee is an occupational therapist who is inspired by the love, dedication, expertise, and resiliency of families facing obstacles. She believes that when engaging in meaningful activities (occupations) we find presence, acceptance, and growth, as well as the opportunity to build skills and connect with others. She helps families set just-right challenges to achieve success in activities that matter to them. In her free time Jen likes to read research and books, mountain bike, open water swim, craft/paint, and podcast.

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