Board of Directors


Dan Shea

DANIEL SHEA, Lawyer, FH&P Lawyers

Dan feels called to help BrainTrust fulfill its mission. "Our clients have compelling needs and amazing stories," he says. He points to a classically trained trumpet player he knew who sustained a brain injury. A near-fatal aneurysm resulted in the loss of language, memory, and the ability to play the trumpet. A practicing lawyer, Dan has both legal expertise and experience with clients with brain injury. Residents of Kelowna since 2008, he and his wife eat, live, and breathe music. Dan is an amateur guitar player, and she is an orchestra conductor. Together they share two musical children. A self-described, former aspiring philosopher, Dan is also an avid mountain biker.

Erin Webber

ERIN WEBBER, Occupational Therapist, CBI and Progressive Rehab
Vice President

Erin brings both personal and professional perspectives to our Board. After losing her mother to brain trauma sustained in a pedestrian-car accident, Erin became passionate about finding ways to eliminate preventable death and disability through a holistic, evidence-based approach. She is also an occupational therapist who focuses on the assessment and treatment of acquired brain injuries in rehabilitation and medical-legal contexts. Originally from the Lower Mainland, Erin lived and worked across the country before setting her sights on Kelowna as the ideal place to raise her young family and enjoy all the activities the Okanagan has to offer.

Keith Bradley

KEITH BRADLEY, Operator/Owner Bradley Beer Services

Keith is a founding member of BrainTrust who has shown long-term dedication and commitment to our organization Behind his friendly smile and quiet demeanor is deep personal understanding about the impact of brain injury. In 1988, he and his wife were in a car accident that left them both with brain injuries. Despite their best efforts to cope with post-injury changes, Keith and his wife ended their marriage six years later. We are grateful that Keith continues to support our cause. He is the Owner/Operator of Bradley Beer Services, and is the proud father of two adult children, Matthew and Hilary. Keith is also a grandfather of seven. 

Angela Price-Stephens

ANGELA PRICE-STEPHENS, Lawyer, Pushor Mitchell LLP

As a litigator, Angela has dealt with personal injury for 25 years. She is very familiar with the effects of brain injury on the injured individual, as well as family, social, and work relationships. Angela has also sustained a series of concussions from sporting activities. This has given her firsthand experience with the cumulative effect of concussions. She knows well the behavioural and emotional changes that can occur post-injury. Angela emigrated from the UK in 2006. She is married and has two wonderful, adult daughters with whom she remains very close. She enjoys dancing salsa and swing, and playing golf (which she claims to do badly, but with lots of laughs).   


Cyrus Ameli

CYRUS AMELI, Business Management Professional

Cyrus was drawn to BrainTrust by the chance to make a difference in the lives of an under-represented and under-served community.  He is a business management professional with an MBA degree and more than twenty years of experience. Cyrus has founded, managed, and served on the boards of directors of several companies and non-profit organizations during his career. He has consulted in areas of organizational development including strategy, finance, communications, marketing, and governance. While Cyrus and his family live in the Vancouver area, they have close links to the Okanagan region and spend a lot of time here enjoying the skiing, the lake, the wine and all it has to offer.

Matt Petrie

DR. MATT PETRIE, Physician, Interior Health Authority

Matt believes BrainTrust fills a gap in the care of those in our community with brain injury. As an emergency physician he has experience with the assessment, diagnosis, and management of brain injury. He also sees the outcomes and effects of the full brain injury spectrum. Having also sustained multiple concussions of his own, Matt brings a well-rounded perspective to our Board. Originally from Ontario, Matt enjoys mountain biking, skiing, water sports, and local food and wine.

Laurie Lundman


Laurie brings both personal and professional experience in the field of brain injury to our board of directors. While playing high school football Laurie sustained his own first concussion. More concussions followed in other contact sports. During his 25-year tenure as an RCMP officer, Laurie “witnessed healthy individuals, in a second, become lifelong victims of brain injury.” This led him to developing the first free bicycle helmet safety program in Surrey, and to later serving on our BoardUpon retirement from the RCMP Laurie joined the City of Kelowna Bylaw Services as a business license inspector. He is now fully retired and can't stop smiling.

Naomi B&W2

Naomi Mison, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Naomi is a seasoned communications and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. After her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia, Naomi became a public advocate for people living with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. She is passionate about brain health and improving access to services. Naomi is thrilled to be included amongst such an esteemed group.  Originally from Edmonton, Naomi has lived in, and travelled to, many countries before settling in the Okanagan Valley.