Maureen Adams

Brought Back for a Reason

Maureen tells her story of incurring a brain injury through stroke and how BrainTrust has been by her side on her road to recovery. 

Maureen is a warm, genuine lady who typically has a smile on her face. A mother of three sons, Maureen had worked as a corrections officer in Ontario. Then she and her young son moved to Kelowna where she became an operations manager at a security company.

One weekend evening, her life changed forever. Maureen suffered a stroke. While in a coma for two months, her son needed to be placed in foster care. Maureen lost most of her vision as a result of a brain bleed, and had difficulty with balance. This played a significant part in a fall where she broke her hip after her release from hospital.

Today, Maureen is doing much better, and despite the difficulties she has endured, she has a positive outlook on the future. “I was brought back for a reason,” she says emotionally, “to raise my young son to be the man that my two older sons are.”

To meet Maureen, it is difficult to see her brain injury, which is often the case with this invisible disability. She has anxiety and is easily overwhelmed.

BrainTrust helped her regain independence by assisting her with memory tools, attending doctor appointments to ensure she fully understood her care plan, coordinating weekly chores, organizing local services such as Hands in Service and Food Bank hampers, and supporting her with her son’s educational plan.

“BrainTrust doesn’t do things for me, they help me do it myself,” she says, “and that has helped me gain my confidence back.” BrainTrust also played a significant role to ensure she had critical eye surgery. This made a significant difference and she re-learned to walk without a walker. Her life continues to improve.

“Brain injury happened to me but it’s not me. I look forward to being around for a long time and seeing my son grow into a wonderful young man,” says Maureen.