Individual Services

Client Services offers one-to-one support for people living with an Acquired Brain Injury. Our individual services aim to enhance quality of life by providing unique supports that align with each individual's needs, goals, and desires.

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We have counsellors who assist those with brain injury in adjusting to post-injury life. Counselling services may be integrated with some of the other individual services we provide and help individuals with:

  • maintaining positive relationships with others
  • managing overwhelming emotions
  • building mental health and wellness

Does it cost money to get counselling at BrainTrust?

Individuals with brain injury can access our specialized counselling services in one of two ways:

  1.  Individuals may qualify for funding that pays for their counselling session(s).   Contact us to learn more.
  2. Individuals can pay the regular counselling fee of $100/hour.

Emotional/Mental Health

After brain injury, it is normal for individuals to experience changes in their emotional/mental health.  We provide individual support by:

  • connecting individuals with counselling and/or psychiatric services
  • teaching emotions management strategies for handling workplace and personal relationship challenges
  • addressing social isolation through community integration


Many of our clients arrive at our doors with no financial means of support.  We can help individuals:

  • access funding from a variety of sources to supplement income or subsidize rent
  • navigate online application processes and gather required documentation
  • apply for Disability Assistance from the province of BC


We ensure that our clients get healthcare for issues that might otherwise be overlooked.  We also:

  • coordinate medical, dental, and other healthcare appointments
  • attend appointments as needed to help clients understand and remember their medical needs
  • ensure post-appointment directives are followed


Due to loss of income, many individuals with brain injury find it challenging to secure safe, affordable housing. We provide individual assistance in:

  • conducting the housing search and completing required paperwork
  • completing and maintaining applications for subsidized housing
  • connecting clients with agencies that specialize in housing

Food & Nutrition

The change in financial status that is often an outcome of having a brain injury can affect an individual’s ability to access nutritious food.  Our support includes:

  • connecting individuals with food hampers and affordable sources of food
  • teaching/re-teaching steps in food preparation, including safety in the kitchen
  • ensuring clients understand how to make healthy food choices

Independent Living

An important aspect of community integration is an individual’s ability to live independently in the community.  We support our clients in living independently by:

  • teaching daily life skills such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, budgeting
  • cueing individuals regarding the steps required to complete daily tasks
  • teaching use of the public transit system

Community Inclusion

Individuals with brain injury experience significant losses beyond the injury itself.  These can include loss of home, relationships/family, and employment.  We work with our clients to alleviate the accompanying social isolation by:

  • fostering friendships and teaching healthy relationship skills
  • finding suitable volunteer and employment placements
  • introducing community-based opportunities for recreation


Creating and maintaining positive relationships helps our clients build their network of support.  We assist this process by:

  • helping spouses/family members/caregivers adjust to changes that can occur in an individual after brain injury
  • helping clients with brain injury develop new friendships
  • teaching clients conflict resolution skills and strategies


Some individuals with brain injury also struggle with addictions.  We play a role in their recovery by:

  • completing referrals to drug and alcohol treatment centres and detox programs
  • assisting in securing funding for treatment
  • teaching individual clients about the increased risks associated with substance use after brain injury


We advocate on behalf of our clients with legal, justice, and policing systems as needed.  We also provide support by:

  • assisting in completing applications for Legal Aid
  • reminding clients to keep legal appointments (i.e. parole officer/lawyer/court)
  • attending court with individuals as needed  


Some individuals require support in pursuing or completing post-secondary education after brain injury.  We assist with:

  • completing applications for entry to education programs
  • securing funding for tuition
  • completing applications for grants/scholarships/bursaries


Employment is a key element of community integration and contributes to an individual’s sense of value and purpose. We assist individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful employment by:

  • liasing on their behalf with WorkBC
  • building and distributing resumes alongside our clients and preparing them for interviews
  • offering supported employment - working alongside our client on the job
  • maintaining positive relationships with employers


For some individuals with brain injury, volunteering is a fulfilling alternative to paid employment.   We help those who want to volunteer by:

  • finding suitable volunteer placements
  • offering supported volunteer positions where we work alongside our client during the volunteer shift
  • reminding clients about their volunteer commitments 

Are you looking for one-to-one support for yourself, a family member, or client?

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