Gen Z Prevention Project

BrainTrust Canada is excited to be working on a new project to reduce preventable brain injuries among the Gen Z population - those born after the mid-90s.

An advisory committee made up of Gen Zs who want to make a difference and community members who work with youth, are working  to identify a brain injury prevention approach that would resonate with Generation Z.


We value the input of Gen Z in helping us keep their generation safe and healthy.

How is Brain Injury Affecting Our Youth?

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30% of all traumatic brain injuries are sustained by children and youth, many of them while participating in sports and recreational activities.

Affects youth disproportionately


Injury is the leading killer of Canadian youth.  50% of all deaths from injury are from brain injuries.

Killing our youth


30% of youth classified as 'Learning Disabled' actually have a brain injury

Effect on learning


Youth convicted of crime are more likely to have had an untreated, pre-crime, acquired brain injury.

Connected to youth crime

Get to Know Generation Z

Gen Zs AreHighly Technology-ReliantIndependent Thinkers and DoersQuick Information-ProcessorsEntrepreneurial in Their AspirationsMore Private on Social MediaInterested in Making the World a Better Place

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Why is Gen Z So Susceptible to Brain Injury?

This age group can also exhibit poor decision-making behaviour that can lead to brain injury, largely because the area of the brain that controls decision-making and judgment is not yet fully formed.

Some of the ways they can sustain brain injury include:

  • not wearing a bicycle helmet
  • engaging in sports that are too risky for their skill level or training
  • succumbing to peer pressure to take foolish risks
  • engaging in excessive alcohol and/or drugs
  • distracted driving such as texting while driving


Gen Z Prevention Project Advisory Committee

Community Members:

  • Vianne Kintzinger - Assistant Superintendent, Central Okanagan School District No. 23
  • Justin Goodhew - Technology Entrepreneur, Trellis Software
  • Christina O'Reilly - Partner, Lifeblood Marketing and Director, BrainTrust Canada Board 
  • Brea Retzlaff - Operations Manager, Accelerate Okanagan
  • Constable Fred Arnold - School Resource Officer. Kelowna RCMP
  • Teresa Murray - Area Director - Central, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Mike Greer - Executive Director, Elevation Outdoors
  • Christine Kirby - Road Safety Coordinator, ICBC
  • Kim Teichroeb - Early Years Coordinator, Westbank First Nation

Gen Z Members:

  • Jordan Montguire
  • Jade Palmer
  • Yihan Xia
  • Liam Dawson
  • Caidence McFarlane
  • Monika Bhatia
  • Lydia Wood

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