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Pushor Mitchell Okanagan Symposium on Brain Injury


In partnership with Pushor Mitchell LLP, we've been holding this annual educational event in Kelowna for over 25 years.  Known as the 'go-to' opportunity for learning, inspiration, and best practices around brain injury, it is well-attended by medical professionals, non-profit support workers, caregivers, families, and individuals dealing with brain injury.

Each year we bring in a line-up of qualified, professional speakers who address a variety of topics. 


Our most recent symposium was a dynamic event bringing together some of the most inspired thinkers in the field of brain injury. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and change makers all gathered at BRAINx 2018 to share short, powerful insights in the field of brain injury.  Thanks to SHAW, the presentations were recorded and are available on video

Valley First E-BrainTrust


We are pleased to have the support of Valley First in producing high
quality, high impact educational tools that build knowledge around education, prevention, and support in the field of concussion/brain injury.  Using these educational materials we develop programs, make presentations, and offer workshops for those affected by brain injury as well as a variety of community partners:

  • elementary, middle, and high school students
  • post-secondary institutions, including UBC-O and Okanagan College
  • other social service providers
  • non-profit partners
  • Westbank First Nation
  • community and service groups
  • funders, sponsors, and donors

Each educational opportunity we provide is developed specifically to meet the needs and interests of the group for whom it’s designed.  Please contact us if you are interested in having a presentation/workshop delivered to your group, business, or organization.

Here are some of our favourite links on brain injury and brain injury prevention.

Valley First E-BrainTrust: 

(Note:  Clicking the link to each E-BrainTrust presentation will download it directly to the 'Downloads' file of your computer.  You will need PowerPoint installed to be able to view a presentation.)

Brain Injury 101 - This presentation introduces the services provided by BrainTrust Canada and gives a broad overview of brain injury.  Topics covered include the prevalence and impact of brain injury, types and causes of brain injury, changes after injury, and examples of strategies for working with those who have been affected.

Introduction to Concussion - This presentation explains what concussion is, what causes it, and the important steps in recovery.

Websites: - an archive of articles written about brain injury by Paul Mitchell, Q.C. - information from a nation-wide, multi-partner organization designed to raise awareness, transform attitudes, and ultimately change behaviour - preventing, treating, and living with traumatic brain injury - brain injury information and resources in B.C. - public awareness and knowledge of acquired/traumatic brain injury - an educational portal that players, parents, coaches, and officials can visit to seek information regarding concussions - the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) includes three toolkits providing training in the recognition, treatment and management of concussion for: 1) Medical Professionals; (2) Parents, Players, and Coaches; and (3) School Professionals - traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and resources - supports the integration of prevention practice into the daily lives of British Columbians - Pain BC programs and resources available to help manage the physical, emotional, and practical effects of chronic pain


Ahead of the Game|Dr. Paul van Donkelaar and Karen Mason|TEDxKelowna - A women’s shelter executive director and a neuroscientist team up to explore how expanding concussion research to examine the intersection of traumatic brain injury and intimate partner violence has the potential to change policy, procedure, and lives.  (For more information or support related to intimate partner violence or this project connect with the Kelowna Women's Shelter.)


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