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School Presentations

We're one of few organizations invited to make presentations in Central Okanagan schools. We appreciate this opportunity.
Our goal is to reach students at a young age. This gives us the best chance of instilling lifelong habits that help prevent brain injury.
Our school presentations cover:
  • basic information on brain function
  • the brain as the 'control centre' of the body
  • the importance of 'safe' vs. 'foolish' risks
  • actions youth can take to prevent brain injury
We make our presentations as interactive as possible, and like to include prizes, too.
BrainTrust also participates in Bike Rodeos at Kelowna elementary schools. We bring handouts and offer helmets to youth who need them.


SKULLWISE School Program

A key outcome of our GenZ Prevention Project was the development of a toolkit for middle schools that addresses the subject of Youth and Concussion.

This toolkit for teachers has five components:

  • teacher guide with overview, background knowledge, and additional resources
  • practical inquiry-based lesson sequence fully integrated with the BC Physical and Health Education Curriculum; applicable for Grades 6 through 9
  • activity handbook to support lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes
  • student portfolio

This program is currently being implemented in Central Okanagan School District No. 23 and select private and charter schools.

The complete toolkit is available for download here.

SkullWise Cover