Community Resources

BC 211

Simply call 2-1-1.

Get the information you need, 24/7.

bc211 is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing free information about community, government, and social services in BC. You can call 2-1-1 or check their resources online.

Find a Family Doctor

Central Okanagan

In order to use this program, you must:

  1. be a resident within the Central Okanagan
  2. not have a family doctor in the community or have just recently been released from your doctor (your doctor has retired), and
  3. have active or pending MSP coverage.

Complete the fillable or printable form on their website and follow the mailing directions.

Kelowna Community Resources

Kelowna Community Resources (KCR) has
an online searchable database where you can find information about front line government services, not-for-profit, and charitable organizations.

You can search for free and low-cost services available in the Central Okanagan in many categories. Examples include:

  • Housing
  • Recreation
  • Employment
  • Food
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Thrift Stores
  • Seniors' Health
KCR Street Guide Cover

Kelowna Community Resources also has a downloadable Street Survival Guide. It provides answers to the following questions:

  • Where can I shower, get a haircut, or do laundry?
  • Where can I find a warm bed?
  • Where can I get a warm meal or a cup of coffee?
  • Where can I get some clothes, shoes or a coat?
  • Where can I get groceries?
  • Where can I find a public toilet?
  • Where can I find a needle drop box?
  • Where can I get medical attention?
  • Where can I report a bad date?
  • Where can I get help with my drug/alcohol addiction?
  • Where can I call for help?

Vernon Survival Guide

The Vernon Survival Guide is published and
updated by the Vernon Community Safety Office.  It contains contact information for resources in many areas including:

  • Sleeping Bags/Blankets/Clothing
  • Housing/Employment
  • Legal Information
  • Shelter
  • Warm Meal and Coffee
  • Medical Attention
  • Numbers to Call for Help
  • Help for Drug/Alcohol/Gambling Addiction
  • Food/Groceries
  • Bus Information
  • Other Support Services
  • North Okanagan Center for Community Collaboration

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