NeuroRecovery Centre Research

  • Evidence of increased quality of life in individuals with brain injury. Read more.
  • The impact of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation system platform on return to work outcomes in Acquired Brain Injury. Read more. 
  • An integrated care model for chronic Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury patients that improves quality of life. Read more.
  • Tracking changes in brain-behaviours following a 3-month cognitive intervention program. Read more.
  • Pilot study examining the effect of Mindfulness-Based stress reduction on symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury/ Post-concussive Syndrome. Read more.
  • Evidence supporting interventions for comprehensive-holistic neuropsychologic rehabilition after TBI. Read More.
  • Reviewing cognition and returning to work after mild-moderate TBI. Read more.
  • Understanding and characterizing symptoms of TBI in survivors of intimate partner violence. Read more.

Discussions are ongoing between BrainTrust and the SOAR project, which seeks to support survivors of abuse and brain injury through research. As part of a research project, our NeuroRecovery Centre will provide brain injury rehabilitation programming of intimate partner violence who wish to be referred.