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Give Gifts

Choose a gift from our Wish Book. Your gift will improve the life of someone with brain injury, or help prevent a brain injury from even occurring.

Create a Ripple

Challenge two people you know to also make a donation. Let's create a ripple effect of kindness for those with brain injury.

Spread Joy

Give a gift in a loved one's name. Your gift will warm the heart of a special person in your life AND put a smile on the face of someone with brain injury.

Double Your Impact

Our goal between now and December 31 is to raise $10,000 to brighten the lives of those with brain injury. For every dollar you donate, the Stone Sisters Group will match your donation up to a total of $5,000.  We thank them for their generosity this Brain Bright Holiday Season!

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NEON Blue Brain transp FLIP

Choose a gift from our Wish Book. Click on it (or click on the Donate Now button) and complete the donation form that appears.


Life Skills Support

Give professional guidance that helps someone with brain injury feel hopeful about their future.

$25 (1 hour)

Connor with Helmet copy

Bicycle Helmet

Give the gift of a bicycle helmet to a youth whose family can't afford one. Help prevent brain injury.


Two Clients

Group Programs

Give someone with brain injury an opportunity to meet others who've had a similar experience. 

$100 (one month)

BrainTrust offers brain injury counselling with clinical counsellors.

Brain Injury Counselling Session

Give hope to someone struggling to adjust to post-injury life. One hour of counselling can save a life.


Transition Plan CROP

Post-Injury Transition Planning

Give someone with brain injury a comprehensive plan to help him/her transition into a 'new normal'.


Youth Concussion Recovery

Ensure that a youth heals safely from concussion, reducing the risk of long-term effects.


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Counselling Series

Give eight individual brain injury counselling sessions delivered in a series designed for lasting impact. 


ClientAtComputer copy

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Help someone return to work or get back to activities of daily life. Give the gift of participation in the Brain Health Clinic.

$1660 (1 month; part-time)

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Change-a-Life Bursary Fund

Establish a bursary fund for one person with brain injury to receive ongoing 1:1 support throughout 2020.


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BRAINTRUST Makes Life Brighter

Improving the Lives of People with Concussion and Brain Injury

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BrainTrust brings you home.

Alan S., BrainTrust client 

Alan was living in a small shed when he came to BrainTrust. With no kitchen, he had no way to prepare food. Alan was thrilled when BrainTrust found him a one-bedroom apartment.

I'm excited to have a job now.

Jason B., BrainTrust client 

BrainTrust helped Jason get accepted into a horticulture course through Okanagan College. Now he works for a landscaping company doing something he likes, and he has a sense of purpose.

People are kinder to me, thanks to BrainTrust.

Michael D., BrainTrust client 

MIchael has problems with his vision. He sometimes stumbles and bumps into things.  BrainTrust got MIchael an ID card that indicates he has a brain injury. When he shows the card to others, they treat him with more compassion because they know he has a brain injury instead of thinking he's intoxicated.

I don't have to worry about going hungry anymore.

Suzanne D., BrainTrust client 

After her brain injury, Suzanne was physically unable to get to the Food Bank or carry groceries. When her BrainTrust worker started delivering food hampers to her door, Suzanne was relieved of the stress of finding food and could focus on her recovery.

Sustainable funding makes a big difference in our ability to address the basic human needs of our clients, like food and shelter.

Please help us reach our goal of 20 NEW donors committing to $20/month throughout 2020.

Remember to give before December 31st.

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