Basic Information About Brain Injury

What Causes Brain Injury?

An Acquired Brain Injury is an injury to the brain that occurred after birth and may have been caused by a traumatic or non-traumatic event.

Causes of traumatic brain injury are caused by an external force such as:

  • a motor vehicle accident
  • a blow to the head; gunshot wound
  • a sports injury; concussion
  • a fall from a bike or ladder
  • physical assault

Causes of non-traumatic brain injury are internal injuries which can be the result of occurrences such as:

  • loss of oxygen to the brain
  • stroke
  • meningitis; infection
  • brain tumour

We Understand Brain Injury

Those with brain injury can appear to have no visible side effects.  This is why they can often be misdiagnosed or misunderstood by others.  

The effects of brain injury can range from mild to moderate to severe.  Some of the physical side effects someone with brain injury may experience include extreme physical and mental fatigue and persistent headaches.

Other areas where the person with brain injury will most commonly experience change can include:


  • memory issues
  • difficulty understanding abstract concepts
  • difficulty making decisions



  • changes in hearing, vision, sense of touch/taste/smell
  • greater sensitivity to pain
  • sensitivity to light


Aged woman having headache. Holding her head
  • difficulty processing information
  • difficulty with expressing thoughts
  • difficulty understanding others


  • personality changes
  • depression/anxiety
  • flattened or heightened emotions 
  • aggression
  • social inappropriateness

Sound familiar? We're here for you.

We have support programs for people affected by brain injury.