Client Stories

We're excited about the successes our clients experience when they connect with us.  Because of donors like you, we're able to help people like Shelley, Mark, and Graham.

Shelley - Head Shot
Shelley Pacholok

Her Road to Recovery

On a bright and sunny July morning Shelley Pacholok and her cycling companion stopped to discuss their route before continuing down a winding stretch of road. It would be the last thing Shelley remembered until two weeks later when she awoke to learn she had been hit by a truck.

Mark Bertolutti

Living His Dream

Four-year-old Mark Bertolutti was simply answering the call of a friend to come and play when he was hit by a car as he ran across the street. That day he sustained a brain injury that altered the course of his life.

Graham Kunz

Finding Community

In 2002, Graham Kunz was 15 years old and living the life of many a young Canadian boy.  He was a top student who excelled at sports and dreamed of a career in hockey – the game he’d been playing since he was 5 years old. 

Brain injury is a silent epidemic.

Help us give it a voice.