Pushor Mitchell BRAINx


Pushor Mitchell Symposium on Brain Injury

In partnership with Pushor Mitchell LLP, we hold an annual brain injury symposium. This brings together some of the most inspired thinkers in the fields of concussion and brain injury. The result is a dynamic learning event.
In 2018 our symposium began taking the form of a series of TEDx-style talks that we call BRAINx. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and change makers share short, powerful insights. This may include emerging research, best practices, and inspiring stories. Individuals with brain injury also share their perspective.

Who Comes to BRAINx?

healthcare providers
support workers
community partners who work with those with brain injury
family members/caregivers

Karen Mason and Paul Van Donkelaar speaking about the connection between brain injury and intimate partner violence.

Keynote speakers, Kerry Goulet and Keith Primeau, sharing an honest discussion about concussions and hockey.