We value the contributions of our corporate partners.

5 Reasons to Sponsor BrainTrust Canada

  1. Attract customers to your brand.  We’ll recognize you in publicity campaigns, through social media, at our board meetings, on our website, and in our online newsletter.
  2. Distinguish your brand from competitor brands.  You’ll stand out from the rest in the community when your logo (and possibly more) appears in all of the marketing associated with any BrainTrust Canada event/program that you sponsor.  
  3. Change or strengthen your brand image by humanizing it.  Recent research shows that 91% of global consumers are more likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality.  (2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study
  4. Demonstrate community responsibility/corporate social responsibility.  You're also caring citizens, and we have a great cause in need of attention.
  5. Motivate employees and enhance morale.  Your team will band together to support a great cause, and build teamwork skills at the same time.


Sponsor a Program or Event

We've got ideas, and so do you. Let's talk.

Contact Mona Hennenfent - CEO, BrainTrust Canada
Prefer a live chat? Call 250-762-3233 Ext. 110

Employee Gift Matching

Pledge to donate an equal sum for every donation that one of your employees makes to BrainTrust Canada.  Some corporations even double, triple, or quadruple these charitable gifts.

Register your company with BrainTrust Canada as an Employee Gift Matching Donor and we'll contact you each time one of your employees makes a donation.  We'll also recognize you in our online newsletter and in social media.

Volunteer/Fundraising Project

Here's another opportunity to build teamwork and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.  Gather your team together and volunteer/fundraise for us for a day.  Paint our offices, work at an event, hold a hot dog day, host a silent (or not-so-silent!) auction...the ideas are limited only by your staff's creativity.

Contact us with your volunteer/fundraising project idea, and we'll work out the details together.