Brain injury happens in an instant and it lasts a lifetime. Prevention is the only cure.


Brain injury is largely a condition of the young, who most often sustain their injuries during sports and recreational activities.  

  • It is the greatest killer and cause of disability under the age of 44.
  • The highest incidence of traumatic brain injury occurs in young men aged 16-24.

BrainTrust Canada is dedicated to being a leader in brain injury prevention.  We focus on teaching strategies to youth that create positive changes in behaviour and can help safeguard their future.  

Prevention Programs and Services


Protect Your Head Program

Our "Protect Your Head" youth program designed to increase awareness of brain injury prevention has won 7 international awards including the International Safety Media Awards.

We are excited to announce that we have re-launched this program in an online video game format.  

Helmet Safety Program

Helmet Safety Collage

Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can reduce the risk of brain injury by 88%.  

We partner with the Cities of Kelowna and Vernon and RCMP Community Policing to promote helmet compliance and positive safety behaviours such as wearing a helmet properly and walking a bike across the road.  Rewards earned by youth for positive safety behaviours include coupons from local businesses such as McDonald's, Dominos, and A&W.  

We also provide helmets to youth 19 and under who cannot afford one.  This program is generously funded by the Associated Canadian Travelers/United Commercial Travelers.    

School Presentations


We're proud to say that BrainTrust Canada is one of a small number of organizations invited to make presentations in Okanagan schools. Our objective is to reach students at a young age so that we have the best chance of instilling lifelong habits that will prevent brain injury.

We cover:

  • basic information on brain function
  • the brain as the 'control centre' of the body
  • the importance of 'safe' vs. 'foolish' risks
  • actions youth can take to prevent brain injury

Included is an interactive game with helmets as prizes.

We also participate in annual school Bike Rodeos in Kelowna elementary schools, providing handouts and helmets to youth who need them.

P.A.R.T.Y. Program


We participate in the "Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth" program held at Kelowna General Hospital.  Kelowna high school students learn about the serious consequences of drinking and driving and distracted driving.  We provide a meaningful presentation on brain injury and the importance of prevention.  One of our clients also shares a personal story of brain injury and the resulting life changes that have taken place.

This impactful program includes presentations from ER doctors, police and fire departments, as well as visiting a mock car crash, trauma room, and the morgue.  

Concussion Management Cards


Concussion is brain injury.

According to the Government of Canada, among children and youth (10-18 years) who visit an emergency department for a sports-related head injury, 39% were diagnosed with concussions, while a further 24% had possible concussions.  

We promote the importance of concussion prevention and management by distributing Concussion Management Information Cards to sports organizations , all ski patrollers at Okanagan ski hills, ice and figure skating clubs, and through Kelowna General Hospital.


You can request Concussion Management Cards for your sports organization.  We serve the Okanagan Valley from Armstrong to Peachland.

Distracted Driving Can Result in Brain Injury

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone
  • Motor vehicle accidents account for over half of all acquired brain injuries.
  • Distracted driving is now responsible for more motor vehicle accidents than drunk driving.

(Brain Injury Society of Toronto)

Distracted driving in B.C. (ICBC)

Distracted driving in B.C. (infographic) ICBC

Want to Learn More About Brain Injury and Prevention?
Here are some of our favourite resources: - an archive of articles written about brain injury by Paul Mitchell, Q.C. - information from a nation-wide, multi-partner organization designed to raise awareness, transform attitudes, and ultimately change behaviour - preventing, treating, and living with traumatic brain injury - brain injury information and resources in B.C. - public awareness and knowledge of acquired/traumatic brain injury - an educational portal that players, parents, coaches, and officials can visit to seek information regarding concussions - traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and resources - supports the integration of prevention practice into the daily lives of British Columbians


To learn more about our prevention programs and services contact Magda.

Magda Kapp, Director of Communications and Prevention Services
BrainTrust Canada

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