BrainTrust Concussion Clinic offers a medically supervised approach to helping children and youth ages 5 to 25 heal safely from concussion, so they can get back to the sports and activities they love.

*Note: The Youth Concussion Recovery fee is currently being waived for Central Okanagan youth whose families qualify for funding, thanks to support from the KGH Foundation - Kiwanis Legacy Fund .

Youth Concussion Recovery Program

Specialized youth concussion care helps the return to activities at home, school, and play happen more quickly and safely. We provide families with the one-to-one guidance, information, tools, and reassurance they need. We also offer access to clinical counselling as needed.

immediate access to concussion clinician - no waiting for an appointment

thorough intake assessment: medical/concussion history, comprehensive symptom analysis, cognitive and neurological screening

file review by concussion physician who collaborates with clinician to create recovery plan

symptom checks and strategies for managing concussion symptoms during recovery

clearance from a physician when youth can safely return to learn/work and play


The following must be true for the individual with concussion:

  • between the ages of 5 and 25
  • diagnosed with acute concussion within the last 7 days (must provide documentation)
  • assessed and cleared of a more serious injury by a physician
  • no claim filed with WCB/WSBC (workplace injury) or ICBC (motor vehicle incident) related to this concussion

Cost of Program

The cost of Youth Concussion Recovery is $349.

*Note: The Youth Concussion Recovery fee is currently being waived for Central Okanagan youth whose families qualify for funding, thanks to support from the KGH Foundation - Kiwanis Legacy Fund.

The Best Concussion Care for Children and Youth



This is the only medically supervised program in Canada helping children and youth from the day of injury up to 30 days post-concussion. 


The Highest Standards

We follow the recommended protocols and standards of care as outlined by the Canadian Concussion Collaborative.

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Medically Supervised

Your child's recovery is supervised by a physician with decades of experience with concussion. He also clears the safe return to school and sports. 

The Research is Clear

Concussion is a brain injury that requires specific treatment for full recovery.

Managing the appropriate return to activity is crucial, particularly in children and youth.

Proper concussion care minimizes the likelihood of long-term consequences.

Our Expert Team



"Whether at home, school, or in sport, we are more aware than ever that concussions have a huge impact on our children's health."

Dr. David Rhine is an emergency  physician with an international reputation in concussion management. His approach to managing concussion in children and youth targets three key areas.  These include the early recognition of concussion, consistent management, and the safe return to school and play.

Dr. Rhine presented internationally at both the 2012 and 2016 International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport. He shared expertise in both concussion assessment and management. 



Christine is passionate about concussion recovery, and in 2016 she attended the 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport in Berlin, Germany.

Christine has significant experience conducting initial assessments for sports concussion patients, and has worked with physicians to determine best management and follow-up practices. She is a contributing author to the following article: “Clinical characteristics, referral patterns and time to recovery in youth and adults following a sport-related concussion (SRC)”.

Christine is also an athletic therapist for Hockey Canada’s National Women’s Olympic Team, and helps provide care to rodeo athletes on the international circuit.



MIchelle has twenty years of experience as an occupational therapist, working with clients experiencing cognitive and physical challenges.

For the last ten years she has specialized in community rehabilitation, functional assessments, and helping clients achieve return to productivity/work goals. Michelle brings these skills and experience to her role at BrainTrust. She assists clients in identifying their goals for the program and provides general program oversight. She also helps develop individualized transition plans for clients upon completion of the program.


I am so grateful that we have Braintrust Concussion Clinic and a professional like Christine available here in our community. Her professional assessment and daily follow up with my son allowed me to relax and take the guess work out of the recovery process that was needed for him to fully and completely heal. With Christine watching the symptoms and communicating with Logan every day, I could trust that our decisions were helping us to take the right steps forward instead of staggering in reverse.

- Traci Segler, parent of concussed youth

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic is a very valuable program with a concrete plan for recovery.  

Christine is an amazing resource.She is extremely knowledgeable, great at communicating with both young athletes and parents, and made what could have been a scary, frustrating experience much more tolerable for both Nate and I. I highly recommend BrainTrust Concussion Clinic to anyone recovering from concussion.

- Nicole Goodwin, parent of concussed youth

Overall, the concussion clinic was an amazing service. The availability of the concussion clinician, Christine, was great. She checked in with my son every day to ensure that he was healing properly.  I trusted Christine and Dr. Rhine because they were both very knowledgeable about concussion and were able to answer all my questions. I would recommend the BrainTrust Concussion Clinic because they helped reassure me that my son was getting proper treatment, and they truly care about their clients.

- Franca, parent of concussed youth

My child is symptom free. The exercises Christine gave us helped within a week. His balance and eye tracking improved markedly during this time period. I was amazed at his progress and how bad he was at performing the exercises post injury. He had his first concussion when he was 2.5 yrs old and was not treated properly. I feel like the simple eye tracking exercises could have saved us some grief after his first concussion. We spent 1.5 yrs at eye doctors when he was 5 yrs old due to his difficulties concentrating and tracking. We only noticed this when he started learning to read. Now I realize it wasn’t an eye problem but a brain related problem. Proper treatment takes commitment and patience but is essential. And if you commit to it, your child will recover quickly.

- Morgan A., parent of concussed youth

Our son is back to normal. We learned that more time is necessary and milestones must be met throughout the recovery process. Without a proper plan and testing our son would have returned to play far before he probably should have.

- Shane C., parent of concussed youth

Concussion. The problem is real.

We're in this to make sure our youth heal safely.

*Note: The Youth Concussion Recovery fee is currently being waived for Central Okanagan youth whose families qualify for funding, thanks to support from the KGH Foundation - Kiwanis Legacy Fund.