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A New Approach to Brain Injury Recovery

Do you have persistent concussion* or brain injury?

Are you interested in returning to work or resuming activities of daily living?

Would you be willing to commit time and energy to regain lost cognitive, physical, and emotional health?

(*persistent concussion refers to 3 months or more post-concussion with unresolved symptoms)


BrainTrust offers you an innovative brain injury recovery program developed by ABI Wellness. It's an evidence-based program supported by current research in the field.

Research Articles

Read the research behind our approach to brain injury rehabilitation

How the Brain Injury Recovery Program Works

The program targets cognitive rehabilitation while using aerobic exercise, mindfulness, and counselling to support progress. This unique combination allows neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to rewire itself.

Results have shown substantial improvement in processing speed, attention, concentration, and cognitive flexibility (all areas severely impacted by brain injury). Gains are possible even several years post-injury.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation is the main focus. We use the BrainEX™ program. Evidence shows highly successful outcomes for brain injury.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise releases chemicals in the brain that enhance cognitive function, especially memory and concentration. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness reduces stress and fatigue in patients with brain injury. It can also help improve attention, concentration, and mood.

Clinical Counselling

Counselling helps you manage anxiety, depression, or overwhelm. This brings clear thinking and more balance in life.

BrainTrust's brain injury recovery program uses computer-integrated tracking to monitor client progress.

Another strength of our brain injury recovery program is the use of computer-integrated tracking. This means we can monitor engagement, evaluate progress, and make adjustments to your program in real time. Responses to a quality of life survey before, during, and after the program are also tracked to help us understand patient needs.

The program is held in a small group setting at our NeuroRecovery Centre. The centre is in the BrainTrust office at #11-368 Industrial Ave., Kelowna.


This program is appropriate for people with persistent concussion or brain injury who:

  • are motivated to actively participate in their own recovery
  • want to return to work/sport
  • want to resume activities of daily living
  • are working toward returning to college or university

You can join the program anywhere from 4 months to 25 years or more post-injury.

Cost of Program

  • Cost of the program differs depending on the option chosen (see Program Options below).
  • We understand that lack of finances can be challenging. Don't let the cost of the program be a deterrent. BrainTrust will help you find funding to pay for the program (e.g. ICBC or private insurers).
  • Contact us to discuss options. Call 250-762-3233 or click the button below.

Program Options

We have two program options. Our rehabilitation team will look at the outcomes of your injury and your specific goals and needs. Then we'll recommend the option that is the best fit for you.

Full-Time Program

  • five hours/day - Tuesday to Friday
  • 16 hours of cognitive therapy supported by aerobic exercise, clinical counselling, and mindfulness
  • commitment of four months or longer required
  • cost - $3,450.00 a month

Part-Time Program

  • 8 hours of cognitive therapy supported by aerobic exercise, clinical counselling, and mindfulness
  • commitment of six months or longer require
  • cost - $1,660.00 a month
Carefully prescribed aerobic exercise is a key component in our brain injury recovery program.



If the symptoms of your concussion/brain injury are not going away and you have plateaued in other attempts to recover, there is still hope. Contact us to learn more about the program and discuss your specific needs.

Return-to-Work Outcomes

The unique design of this program has created a high success rate.

Here are the results clients achieved within one month of being discharged from the program.

(Data based on first 50 clients who completed the program.)

  • 0%

    Returned to work within one month of discharge

  • 0%

    Transitioned from part-time to full-time work

The Rehabilitation Team

The case manager meets with you to identify your recovery goals. She also coordinates the team involved in planning and implementing your rehabilitation program.

The athletic therapist creates a safe plan of aerobic exercise for you. It uses evidence-based recovery principles for concussion/brain injury.

The occupational therapist will assess your suitability for the program. She'll also ensure gradual pacing for your success.

The clinical counsellor helps you manage emotions and responses to situations that cause you distress. This helps you think more clearly and live a more balanced life.

It's time to imagine a better life.

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