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Brain Injury Prevention for Gen Z

Brain injury is largely a condition of the young. They most often sustain their injuries during sports and recreational activities.  
  • It is the greatest killer and cause of disability under the age of 35.
  • The highest incidence of traumatic brain injury occurs in young men aged 16-24.
BrainTrust Canada is dedicated to being a leader in brain injury prevention. We teach strategies to youth that create positive changes in behaviour, and can help safeguard their future.
We engaged in a prevention project to help us determine the best approach to youth brain injury prevention for Gen Z. The result was our SkullWise Youth and Concussions Toolkit.

SKULLWISE School Program

A key outcome of our GenZ Prevention Project was the development of a toolkit for middle schools that addresses the subject of Youth and Concussion.

This toolkit for teachers has five components:

  • teacher guide with overview, background knowledge, and additional resources
  • practical inquiry-based lesson sequence fully integrated with the BC Physical and Health Education Curriculum; applicable for Grades 6 through 9
  • activity handbook to support lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes
  • student portfolio

This program is currently being implemented in Central Okanagan School District No. 23 and select private and charter schools.

The complete toolkit is available for download here.

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