Crime Reduction & Prevention Program

BrainTrust Canada’s Crime Reduction and Prevention Program offers support and rehabilitation for persons with brain injury in contact with the justice system. We assess the impact of brain injury on daily functioning, identify areas of support required and offer corresponding services.

  • Identification

    Partnering with community corrections and correctional institutions to ensure that those with brain injuries are identified as quickly as possible and connected with appropriate services.

  • Rehabilitation

    Persons in contact with the justice system who also have brain injuries are vulnerable and often slip through the cracks of the justice system. We ensure that these individuals receive one-to-one rehabilitation, access to our brain injury programming and connect them to additional community supports with the goal of reducing their risk of breaching their probation orders and engaging in future criminal activity.

  • Collaboration

    We work with key community partners to reintegrate persons with brain injury in contact with the justice system into the community by providing wrap around supports. Some of our community partners include: John Howard Society of the Central and South Okanagan, RCMP, Okanagan Correctional Centre, Kelowna Bylaw, and Kelowna Probation

  • Advocacy

    We advocate for clients with brain injury within the justice system to ensure they have the supports needed to navigate the services available to them.  We also educate criminal justice staff on brain injury, its impacts, and outline ways to support persons with brain injury who are in contact with the justice system. 

Individuals with brain injury are 2.5x more likely to become incarcerated.

Crime Reduction Support Team

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Client Services Manager

Amanda combines her deep fascination with the brain and her passion for helping in her work at BrainTrustJoining the team in 2011, she has developed a strong understanding of the needs and approaches that work for people with brain injury. She is responsible for successful community rehabilitation management for clients with an acquired brain injury overseeing several of BrainTrust's major programs, including our Crime Prevention and Reduction Program, as well as our Group Programs. Amanda is a mother to Caidence and Cohen. She says her children are the driving force behind her will to thrive in her career. During their downtime you might find them somewhere in nature, surrounded by friends and family.


Funding for our Crime Reduction and Prevention Program is provided by
Civil Forfeiture - Province of B.C.

We offer a variety of Life Support Skills to our BrainTrust clients

Helping those with brain injury regain independence and quality of life