The following procedures have been established to protect our staff, clients and the community from COVID-19. Circumstances governing our response to the COVID-19 situation are changing quickly, and this policy will be updated regularly to reflect current guidlines provided by recognized health-care and other regulatory organizations.

  1. All  BrainTrust group and education programs on the premises are cancelled to ensure that seniors and clients with complex health issues are protected from COVID-19.
  2. As a further precaution, the BrainTrust office is closed and all staff are working remotely..
  3. Staff are serving clients as per usual, with an abundance of care to protect both staff and clients.
  4. Staff are required to practice  physical distancing at both home and work.
  5. BrainTrust Canada will be moving our Brain Health Clinic to remote support using ZOOM, effective Monday March 30th. Zoom will allow our clients to maintain social interaction with the visual opportunity to see each other, check in with other and participate in group discussions.  Zoom also allows for private chats and screen shares which are important to  facilitate individual client support.  BrainTrust will try to replicate the program as close as possible, with cognitive therapy and meditation therapy continued in a group setting. Remote service allows BrainTrust to continue to operate our clinic during these difficult times and ensure that the health and safety of our clients and staff are maintained.

Any further guidance and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and further changes to procedure will be formally communicated to staff, clients, funders and key stakeholders when implemented.


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