Concussion in Children and Youth

The Importance of Specialized Treatment

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  • The brains of children and youth are still developing.  Thereforea brain injury (especially from repeat concussions) can increase the risk of children/youth having long-term effects.  For this reason, experts agree that carefully managing concussion in children and youth is critical.

  • Research shows that children and youth can take longer to recover from a concussion than adults who suffer similar impacts.  

  • Children and youth with concussion may downplay their symptoms because they are eager to play again, and unable to see the possible long-term consequences of returning to play too soon.  Until they are fully healed, they should be closely monitored and their activities managed carefully. Most importantly, medical clearance on the return to normal activities is essential.

  • Those children and youth with a concussion are at higher risk for a second concussion soon after the first one.  The best way to recover safely is with the guidance and support of brain injury specialists. Our team is made up of highly qualified, experienced concussion experts.

  • When they suffer a second or third concussion, children and youth take much longer to recover. In addition, if this happens before recovering from the initial concussion, the child/youth may be left with long-term issues. These can include chronic headaches or problems with memory, balance, sleep, or mood. 

Concussions 101: A Primer for Kids and Parents

In this short video Dr. Mike Evans describes:

  • what a concussion is,
  • concussion symptoms that can occur,
  • steps that are followed for the safe return to activity,
  • and the importance of communication throughout the healing process.

The Research is Clear

Concussion is a brain injury that requires specific treatment for full recovery.

Managing the appropriate return to activity is crucial, particularly in children and youth.

Proper concussion care is the best way to minimize the likelihood of long-term consequences.

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic

Quality Concussion Care for Youth



Our concussion clinic is unique.  It's the only medically supervised program in Canada helping children and youth from the day of injury up to 30 days after their concussion. Healing from concussion begins immediately, so we guide injured youth and their families right from the start.


The Highest Standards

We follow the most up-to-date, recommended standards of care. These are found in the International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport. This protocol for recovering from concussion has been approved by a team of international concussion experts.

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Medically Supervised

Client recovery is supervised by  a concussion physician with over 35 years experience. He also indicates when it's safe to go back to school and sports. We use licensed healthcare clinicians with concussion expertise including an athletic therapist and an occupational therapist. 


Partnered with the Medical System

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic has joined with local medical professionals at Kelowna General Hospital to address the gap in concussion care for youth. Together we bring you the best solution for helping children and youth recover from concussion.

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P.A.C.E. Recovery App

We are partnered with the developers of the P.A.C.E. (Progressive Activation and Concussion Education) App. This app is designed to help parents manage their child's concussion using a medically sound, step-by-step action plan.

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We Understand Brain Injury

For over 30 years our parent organization, BrainTrust Canada, has given personalized support to thousands of clients recovering from brain injury.  We treat children and youth with concussion with the same knowledgeable and compassionate care.

Kelsey Serwa speaks at press conference announcing the opening of BrainTrust Concussion Clinic.

Kelsey Serwa speaks at a press conference held on October 24, 2018, announcing the opening of BrainTrust Concussion Clinic.

Kelsey Serwa, Olympic Gold Medalist

As an elite athlete, I understand how important it is to properly heal from an injury, especially a concussion. I am proud to be the spokesperson for the BrainTrust Concussion Clinic. They provide a medically supervised program with immediate assessment, individual recovery plans, and daily guidance until you are cleared to go back to school and sports.

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic Team

Our team of experts has specialized knowledge and experience in the field of concussion/brain injury. They assess the impact of the concussion, provide personalized guidance through daily contact, and monitor progress from the day of injury through to maximum recovery.


Mona Hennenfent


As the CEO of BrainTrust Canada, Mona plays an active role in the operational leadership of the BrainTrust Concussion Clinic. She provides ongoing oversight in all areas.                                                                             


Dr. David Rhine


Dr. David Rhine has more than 35 years of experience in this field. "Whether at home, school, or in sport, we are more aware than ever that concussions have a huge impact on our children's health,"  says Dr. Rhine.                                                                                 


Christine Atkins

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With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Christine Atkins is also a certified athletic therapist.  In addition, she has training and experience in concussion management in a clinical setting. 


Rose Kristiansen


Rose Kristiansen and Dr. Rhine developed the Progressive Activation and Concussion Education (P.A.C.E.) app. This app helps parents manage their child’s concussion.

BrainTrust Concussion Clinic is a social enterprise
owned and operated by BrainTrust Canada.

We provide affordable concussion care for children and youth that adheres to internationally approved standards.  This aligns with our greater mission to help those affected by brain injury. It also creates income that goes back into supporting our brain injury programs and services.

Thank you to the Central Okanagan Foundation for seed funding for this business venture.

To inquire about BrainTrust Concussion Clinic services call 250-762-3233, ext. 112.