BrainTrust is dedicated to advocating for our clients and their families to ensure they receive supports, successfully navigate systems, and access vital resources. Advocacy has always been a fundamental aspect of what we do at BrainTrust. We operate from a person-centered approach when advocating for our clients, to ensure their unique needs are met.

Below are examples of specific areas of advocacy:

Legal & Criminal Justice Systems

BrainTrust assists clients to navigate criminal justice and legal systems. Our Crime Reduction and Prevention Program supports individuals with brain injury who are involved in the criminal justice system to navigate that system and meet the conditions of their court orders. We educate and raise awareness of acquired brain injury within the criminal justice system and provide resources, acquired brain injury training, and information to our justice partners.

Housing & Tenancy

We advocate for funding on behalf of our clients with ICBC, Interior Health,  governmental agencies, private insurers, community organizations, and charities to ensure clients are able to access funding needed to support their recovery.  

Funding & Access

Many of our clients need help securing funding and accessing programs and resources, this can be anything from long-term disability funding to accessing personal medical records for their injury. We work to advocate for our clients on an individual case basis with ICBC, Interior Health, and other community organizations and charities. Many times there are more resources available to them than the client is aware of and we seek to find and advocate for those wraparound supports which include funding and access to services.

Every client has individual needs and not every client is the same. This means that we focus on advocating for the client where needed, this can also include speaking with loved ones and caregivers to educate them on the client's injury, or advocating to remove barriers to post-secondary education. Our goal is to meet the client where they're at and respect their individual choices.

BrainTrust's advocacy efforts, including our Crime Prevention & Reduction Program, direct client services, Life Skills Supports, Group Programs, and Clinical Counselling are supported by:

We offer one-to-one Life Skills Support

We work with individuals to provide supports based on their needs