Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction of BrainTrust Canada, and helps us form community partnerships that support our brain injury prevention, education, and support services.  We are grateful for their dedication.

Executive Board Members

President:  Dan Shea, Lawyer - F H & P Lawyers

Treasurer:  Brad Hall, Senior Manager - Grant Thornton, LLP



Keith Bradley, Customer Service Rep. - Interior Beverage Services

Matthew Canzer, Lawyer - Pushor Mitchell LLP

Derek Hinchliffe, Station Manager - Global Okanagan Shaw Media

Darren Kautz, Lawyer - Mussio Goodman Lawyers

Laurie Lundman, Bylaw Officer - City of Kelowna

Christina O'Reilly, Marketing Consultant - City of Kelowna

Dr. Matt Petrie, Physician - Interior Health Authority

Our Staff


Chief Executive Officer
In 2002 Mona traded life in the corporate sector and entrepreneurial world for a position in a non-profit organization. Since then she hasn't looked back, having found deeper passion and meaning in work that brings social issues to light and serves others in need of support.  She joined BrainTrust in September 2016, and as the CEO provides leadership and direction to the organization ensuring that we stay on top of our mission, vision, strategic plan, and priorities.  A strong communicator and networker, you will often find her out in the community spreading the word about BrainTrust and the issue of brain injury, and persuading others to join our cause.  After living in Calgary for 30 years, Mona and her husband, Scott, were drawn to a simpler lifestyle in the Okanagan, and love the strong sense of community they have found here.  Mona and Scott are proud parents of two adult children, Juliane and Jay.

Education, Prevention, and Administration

Magda - Pic

Director of Communications and Prevention Services
Knowing how quickly any one of our lives could be changed by brain injury inspires Magda to bring awareness to the issue she often calls an 'invisible epidemic'.  With over 25 years experience in marketing and communications, forming community partnerships and liasing with like-minded organizations comes naturally to her - that and the fact that she loves to connect with others.  Magda is particularly committed to preventing brain injury among youth, and has shared in developing innovative, award-winning prevention and education programs and initiatives directed at young people.   On weekends you might find her taking her golden retriever to a dog show,  sharing a good belly laugh with friends, or spending time with her husband, Carey, on their acreage in West Kelowna.

Brenda - Pic

Communications Consultant
Brenda is passionate about helping others achieve their potential, and brings this same vision and desire to her work at BrainTrust.  She gets to 'show and tell' all the great things happening in our organization by creating and maintaining our website, producing a bi-monthly newsletter, and assisting with grant writing and special projects. Brenda finds deep fulfillment in interviewing clients about their experience of brain injury. She is touched by their willingness to be so candid, the strength with which they persevere, and the trust they place in her to share their story. Originally from Saskatchewan, Brenda and her husband, Darren, moved to Kelowna in 2015 where they enjoy the milder temperatures (understatement!), and living close to nature.

Kathy - Pic

Prevention and Client Support
It's often Kathy's warm smile that will greet you when you enter the doors of BrainTrust Canada.  With a background in sales, she is a people person and that suits us just fine.  Our 'office goddess' wears many hats including that of administrative assistant, volunteer recruiter, and event organizer, and she does it all smoothly and efficiently.  Whether she's ordering supplies, creating spreadsheets, or assisting clients and guests, Kathy is happy knowing that she is part of a team that helps others and gives back to the community - something she values at this time in her life.  Kathy and her husband, Bob, moved to Kelowna in 2015 and have made a life here that includes time for hiking, gardening, and floating on the lake on hot summer afternoons - and of course, playing with their pup, Skyler.

Lori - Pic


Client Support

Marcie - Pic

Director of Client Services

Marcie loves the rewards she has found in working with clients with brain injury. "I'm not talking about money," she says. "I'm talking about smiles.” It's this outlook that has kept her focused on helping people with acquired brain injury for over 20 years. At BrainTrust Marcie meets with all new clients, manages contracts with other agencies, supervises the client support team, and networks with community partners. A great day is when she also gets a chance to leave her desk and provide some one-on-one support with a client out in the community. Another place Marcie gets rewarded with smiles is in her role as a loving mother to an 18-month-old daughter, and stepmother to a 10-year-old boy, 16-year-old girl, and 18-year-old young man.

Amanda - Pic

Group Programs Coordinator

Amanda has managed to parlay her deep fascination with the brain and her passion for healing and helping into her dream role, coordinating the group programs at BrainTrust. When Amanda joined the team at BrainTrust in 2011 she gained experience in working one-to-one with clients with brain injury.  In that time, she developed a strong understanding of the needs and approaches that best fit our clients. She now uses that knowledge to create dynamic group programs that are positive, holistic, and person-based. Amanda is a single mother to Caidence and Cohen who she says are "the driving force behind my will to thrive in my career.” On their down time you will find the three of them somewhere in nature, surrounded by friends and family.

Dana - Pic

Community Support Coordinator, Kelowna

Dana has provided a strong, professional presence at BrainTrust since 1999. An effective advocate, team leader, and problem solver, Dana leads and coordinates services for individuals with brain injury, their families, and relevant professionals. He also maintains an active client caseload. Dana is the one we look to when seeking residential placements for clients, support in dealing with Substance Use and Brain Injury groups, or knowledge on concussion management. He makes time for fun in his life, too, with golfing, fishing, and watching hockey and NFL topping the list. Residents of Kelowna since 1991, Dana and his wife, Helen, have been happily married for 34 years and have three adult children.

Laura - Pic

Community Support Coordinator, Vernon

Laura's ability to see the big picture makes her the perfect person to run the Vernon office where she also assists individuals with brain injury on a one-to-one basis and runs weekly group programs. Laura enjoys focusing on the unique strengths of each individual with brain injury and working with them in achieving their goals. She is extremely passionate about the power of inclusion which makes her an amazing advocate for our clients. Laura loves the variety and the challenges that each day at BrainTrust brings, but what's most important to her is the gift of being a part of someone's life and their journey to recovery. Having lived in the Okanagan since she was five years old Laura enjoys experiencing the outdoors by hiking, kayaking, and "cautiously rollerblading.”

Garret - Pic

Community Support Facilitator, Kelowna

Garrett takes his role as a Community Support Facilitator literally, injecting some aspect of 'community' into all of his work with clients with acquired brain injury. Each person wants something different, and he helps our clients access the best resources in our community and within themselves that will help them reach their goals as independently as possible. Garret's the guy who gives our clients the gift of seeing the beauty of our community and its citizens, and encourages them to access recreation and outdoor life as a way of helping to build meaningful relationships that may be waiting just outside their doors. No surprise then, that Garret likes rock climbing - a unique way to see new faces and reach new heights while exploring our community.

Erika - Pic

Community Support Facilitator, Kelowna

Each day Erika wakes up motivated to come to work, knowing that she's making a difference in the life of someone in her community. Along with a Diploma in Psychology and Counselling her gifts of patience, empathy, and understanding are valuable assets in her one-on-one work with our clients. Erika is drawn to working with youth, believing that despite struggles they may be experiencing, she can guide them toward living life to the best of their ability. Once a week she works out of Foundry Kelowna, where she serves youth and young adults with acquired brain injury. Erika is a Kelowna-raised adventurer with a passion for health, travel, and animals. She loves being surrounded by people and takes great pleasure in building positive relationships.


Community Support Facilitator, Kelowna

With a B.Sc. in Behavioral Neuroscience, Chloe is well-equipped for work in the field of brain injury, and was drawn to working for BrainTrust by the opportunity to help people live fulfilling lives. She especially likes our client-centered approach which allows her to support clients in doing things that are important and meaningful to them. This might include support in finding suitable recreation, attending special events, managing day-to-day tasks, or working toward specific goals.  Chloe is excited to be facilitating one of our newest ventures at BrainTrust - the Leisure Club - which provides fun evening outings for our clients. Originally from Mission, BC, Chloe is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, and snowboarding.



Community Support Facilitator, Vernon

Brain injury is a silent epidemic.

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