Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction of BrainTrust Canada, and helps us form community partnerships that support our brain injury prevention, education, and support services.  We are grateful for their dedication.

Executive Board Members

Acting President:  Dan Shea, Lawyer - F H & P Lawyers

Treasurer:  Brad Hall, Senior Manager - Grant Thornton, LLP



Keith Bradley, Customer Service Rep. - Interior Beverage Services

Matthew Canzer, Lawyer - Pushor Mitchell LLP

Derek Hinchliffe, Station Manager - Global Okanagan Shaw Media

Darren Kautz, Lawyer - Mussio Goodman Lawyers

Laurie Lundman, Bylaw Officer - City of Kelowna

Dr. Matt Petrie, Physician - Interior Health Authority


Our Staff

Our staff members are unquestionably our most valuable assets, and each one leads in the brain injury community in his/her own unique way demonstrating kindness, service, respect, compassion, and professionalism.  We believe in doing whatever it takes to create success with our clients and are creative and innovative in our approaches.

All BrainTrust Canada staff have been awarded a certificate in Brain Basics by the Ontario Brain Injury Association.  In addition, we bring a broad spectrum of expertise to our clients and the community with post-secondary education and experience in a variety of disciplines including human services, psychology, rehabilitation, social work, marketing, education, and communications.



Brain injury is a silent epidemic.

You can help us give it a voice.